”TAO furniture profoundly and subtly supports people in their daily life.”
Quote by: Feng Shui Master Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

After 18 months of research, design and development, the time has come! Our new TAO – Furniture in Harmony collection is here to inspire you.

The collection was produced entirely in accordance with the teachings of harmony of Feng Shui, an oriental principle that we in the western world encounter more and more frequently because it is universally applicable.

What traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is to body and organism, Feng Shui is to life, living and working. The collection includes furniture for entrance, eating, living and sleeping areas, nursery and office. Just by looking at it, you will immediately grasp both the aesthetic and practical features and intuitively understand the special sizing system which stands for prosperity and harmony.

The great variety of colour options supports balance and creativity of the user. For people who are aware of their surroundings, plans and designs of living and working areas can be subtly enhanced and optimized with TAO.